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These Moderation Guidelines represent an outline of the rule-based logic we use when reviewing reported content. While we try to ensure that all moderation decisions are based on documented rules, moderation decisions may be required at times that are outside the scope of this document and it may be updated at any time to reflect new policies.

While Kahuti is a private organization we try to respect the ideals of free speech. We are often required to make difficult decisions regarding acceptable content and while we prohibit content deemed to be harmful we do permit content that is potentially offensive or controversial.

Harmful content includes credible threats of real world violence, property destruction, vandalism, coordinating or facilitating illegal activities, theft, or deliberately causing emotional distress on a specific individual (including but not limited to bullying, harassment, 'doxxing' and sharing private or sensitive images and/or content.)

1. What is appropriate in each category?
2. Is the content within a group?
3. Is the content in an inaccurate category?
4. Is the content clearly against community rules (e.g. harmful, explicit, hate speech)?
5. Is the content a credible threat against someone?
6. Is the content potentially offensive or controversial?
7. Does the content appear to be spam?
8. Is the content a direct personal attack?
9. Does the content infringe someone's intellectual property?
10. Does the content expose private, intimate or sensitive photos and data?
11. Is the content excessively vulgar or profane?
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