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Why Your Local Small Business Needs To Be On Kahuti

February 6, 2017
Sterling Jackson

Building a successful business is hard. We get it, we've been there. Our founders are serial entrepreneurs who have built several successful businesses. We've experienced first-hand the highs and lows, the hard work and sacrifices that go into building a business.

Kahuti is for local small businesses who need an edge. It's for mom and pop operations that don't have a marketing budget. It's for people who don't have the time or resources to chase after SEO, hoping to get results before they run out of money.

Our vision is a platform where you add your products, services and deals for under $100/month and immediately get seen by local customers. Where you can make changes to your ads and see the results instantly so you can optimize customer engagement in days instead of weeks.

The problem with Google's approach is that millions of people are competing for a handful of spots. If you're not in the top 10 then you're not going to get a significant number of customers from Google. And SEO takes forever. And adwords is expensive.

Fundamentally, what makes Kahuti different is that our approach is to create thousands of local clusters. You see deals, products and services from local businesses near you, up to 25 miles away and sorted by distance.

What you see is different from what somebody on the other side of town sees. Each hotspot below can represent a different cluster, showing different businesses based on where somebody lives with smaller clusters in more populated areas.

Each hotspot represents a geographical cluster where we show you the closest (in distance) businesses to your current location who offer whatever you're looking for. Unlike Google, this gives us dozens of top 10 sets across a city or metropolitan area for any given service or product.

As part of our launch initiative, we are currently creating a lot of local content to drive organic search traffic to local businesses on Kahuti and we have several big advantages in this endeavor including commodities of scale, virality and total resources.

Google's ranking signals are weighted toward authoritative sites who deliver the most helpful, informative answers to questions. Virality is another important factor. Getting your content shared and linked everywhere will drive more customers to your business.

Our strategy is to build spotlight content featuring many businesses in a particular category. Because our goal is to drive content to any of our featured businesses instead of one, we can create neutral, informative content that is more attractive to Google, more helpful to users and more likely to be shared because it is generally helpful to a wider audience.

Early adopters with interesting businesses are more likely to be included in our spotlight. There is no charge to be featured. This is a promotional initiative for Kahuti and businesses listed on Kahuti that we may discontinue after reaching critical mass.

Nobody is doing anything quite like this. We strongly believe that intent marketing is the future, where consumers interact with local businesses when they want to shop instead of being constantly bombarded with ads.

While there are similar ideas that touch on some of Kahuti's capabilities like Nextdoor, Angie's List, Groupon and Craigslist none of them have encompassed 'everything-local-all-in-one-place' in the way that we have with Kahuti.

This creates a 'stickiness' or persistance within Kahuti's community that keeps members engaged and coming back. Since they're already interacting on Kahuti the likelihood of them engaging with local businesses when they want to browse or shop is high and friction is low.

In other words, it takes less effort to click into Services versus changing windows and opening Angie's List and remembering your password.

Home services and local businesses are categorized to make it easy to find what you're looking for and to narrow down your results to only show businesses who do exactly what you want.

All you have to do is add your deals, products and services to get discovered by more local customers. We'll take care of the rest and with our free advertising tier you can get started at no risk while we build the community and get more customers for you.

Our free service tier allows local businesses to add their business to a primary category. Paid advertising options are available for businesses who want to add more keywords, more products or deals. Our goal is to ensure that advertising on Kahuti is always affordable.

This free tier and our local content initiative revolve around our underlying principle which is to create valuable, win-win interactions in our communities. We believe that local small businesses have an integral role in the health and success of our communities.

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