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What You Want From Kahuti Isn't The Same As What I Want (And That's A Good Thing!)

March 26, 2017
Sterling Jackson

If there's one thing we've realized in the past month it's that there is no one right way to Kahuti. Our goal is to make a local social platform that is flexible enough that you can get what you want out of it and discover more of the things that are meaningful to you.

Kahuti is for connecting with and discovering your community...

Some of our members are looking for a social platform for playful banter and to connect with people who live nearby in their communities. Several successful social meet-ups have been orchestrated by members on Kahuti in the past month and several more are being planned and coordinated for the next few weeks.

Some only want to see local alerts, news, issues and events in the area where they live. Our category system can be customized to only show topics that you're interested in and we are creating several more options to ensure that you see exactly what you want to see.

Some members are very active and create a lot of posts and comments. Others quietly monitor what's happening on their news feed and their daily summary email and don't interact a lot.

Some are using Kahuti to promote their events or to find interesting events happening in their communities. Every day we see a variety of new events, from coffee and tea meet-ups to walking groups to book clubs and everything in between.

Some members prefer a very local view and set their viewing distance to 2 or 3 miles while others expand to 7 or 10 miles to reflect their surrounding community. Others expand all the way to 25 miles to see what's happening across their city and even in adjacent cities.

Kahuti is for connecting with local businesses...

Lots of members use Kahuti to ask for recommendations when they need to have some work done and want to find a trusted, reputable tradesperson.

Local business owners are using it to promote their business and connect with people who are asking for recommendations in the fields they serve.

Some members use our Local Businesses directory to browse reviews, Q&A, products and deals for local businesses who offer services or products they are looking for.

Kahuti is for buying, selling and trading locally...

With nearly 100 classifieds posted in the past month, many members are finding Kahuti's local classifieds section a convenient way to buy, sell and give away used items.

Others have used our Local Products directory to discover local foods, handcrafted items and other products that are available from local businesses near them.

Kahuti is meant to help you find more of what matters to you. We are looking forward to seeing how Kahuti continues to evolve as a local social platform and to see how our members use it in the future to add meaning, value and convenience to their lives.

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