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What the heck is Kahuti, anyway?!

December 17, 2016
Kevin Jackson

Kahuti instantly connects people who live nearby.

Imagine Facebook, Craigslist, Angie's List and Groupon, all in one easy to use platform. Kahuti is all that PLUS it's all about connecting you with your local community and neighborhood.

We all live, work and play in inter-connected communities. Kahuti brings these together into hyper-local neighborhood networks so you can easily know, share and post what's going on in your community or neighborhood.

Do you know of any activities, events, have unused items to sell, or know of something people need to be aware of in your neighborhood? Post it on Kahuti. Having a block party, neighborhood BBQ, wine tasting, or looking for new friends or someone to go hiking, riding , running or some other activity with? Let people in your community know. Discover others with similar interests near you and connect with them.

Run a local business? Kahuti’s Marketplace and Local Services Section enables small and local businesses to effectively and affordably reach local customers and focus on your business and customer satisfaction instead of wasting your efforts playing the ever-changing Google game with time consuming SEO/SEM and costly PPC.

Kahuti is all about local living and local shopping: Find local services like a plumber, HVAC repair, handyman, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, yard maintenance, a contractor or other local service provider using our local services section.

Producers of locally grown food, livestock, eggs, chickens, beef, honey, etc., can use Kahuti's Local Marketplace to showcase and sell their goods (It's like a Farmers Market without having to leave your homestead or farm).

Artisans, crafters and people who make unique or custom goods like boots, gloves, belts, paintings, wind chimes, etc., can use Kahuti to create awareness in the community, promote fairs, shows and sell the things they make.

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