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Unhappy With Nextdoor's Acquisition of Streetlife? Maybe Kahuti Can Be Your New Local Social Network.

February 8, 2017
Sterling Jackson

Nextdoor's deal to acquire Streetlife was announced a few days ago and since then we've been contacted by several Streetlife members who didn't feel that Nextdoor was a good match for what they were looking for, asking if Kahuti was available in the UK.

Yes, Kahuti is available in the UK. While we haven't officially launched and localized outside of the States, Kahuti is currently available worldwide because everything we show you is based on your location, using latitude and longitude.

One of the big differences between Kahuti and Streetlife or Nextdoor is that our approach is distance-based rather than neighborhood-based, showing you alerts, conversations, deals, services and local products that are a specified distance away from you.

In a sense, Nextdoor has built a platform for your neighborhood and Kahuti has built a platform for your community. Our goal is to help you discover what's happening not only in your neighborhood, but the surrounding area where you live.

Members who want to focus on just their neighborhood can set their distance to 1 mile. This will show what's happening within a 1 mile radius of your location and for many people, should mostly cover your neighborhood and adjacent ones.

The other significant difference in our approach is how we've integrated local small businesses. We don't display ads anywhere. Instead, we've built a separate marketplace featuring local small businesses that you can browse when you want to shop.

The goal of this marketplace is to deliver win-win interactions with local businesses instead of bombarding you with advertisements when you're not in the mood to shop. Additionally, we wanted to give local small businesses an affordable way to quickly reach more customers.

Our revenue model is based on paid business accounts instead of displaying ads everywhere. Local businesses can add several keywords and products for free. Additional keywords, products and deals can be added by upgrading to a paid business account.

Because we are privately owned and funded we have a lot of flexibility in how we do things as we don't have investors demanding a return on their money. We feel that this enables us to make decisions that are best for the community.

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