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Tips For Getting More Customers From Your Kahuti Business Page

March 20, 2017
Kevin Jackson

The goal of our local small business directory is to give local businesses easier ways to quickly connect with local customers. These are some of our recommendations to help you get the most from your Kahuti business page.

1. Make your tagline and introduction stand out.

When customers browse the local business directory, your company name, tagline, introduction, rating and distance are the only criteria available to help them choose which pages they will click on. It's critical for them to be able to quickly determine that your products or services are what they're looking for.

Your tagline and introduction should make it clear to customers why they should choose your business. Do you guarantee satisfaction? 20 years of experience? Family owned and operated? What makes your business unique and why should they choose you?

This isn't about SEO or keywords or trying to out-rank your competition. It's about your business and the problems you solve for your customers.

2. Claim your unique business page ID.

When updating your business there is an option to choose your Page ID. This Page ID is used to create a unique URL (www.kahuti.com/your-page-id) that you can use to share a direct link to your Kahuti page.

3. Add answers to common questions your customers ask.

People like instant gratification. While your customers are likely to add additional questions through the Q&A section of your business page you can use the 'Ask a Question' button to add several default questions and answers.

After you've submitted a question you can answer it from your business dashboard so that your customers can immediately browse through your answers when they open your business page. This is valuable because it saves time for you and them.

4. Focus on customer service and ask for reviews.

In a close-knit local social platform like Kahuti where someone can instantly ask hundreds of other people for recommendations (or horror stories), your reputation is everything! We believe that providing superior customer service is the most important thing you can do to increase the number of customers you get from Kahuti.

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