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Sadiq Khan, London Air Quality & Kahuti

September 19, 2017

"London's filthy air poses a significant threat to our health including harming the development of children's lungs, and I'm committed to tackling this issue so Londoners can breathe the clean air they deserve." - Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London has expressed a strong desire to curtail air pollution and improve air quality in London, mentioning recently that he'd like to see broadcasters discuss air quality as part of standard weather reporting.

This resonates with us because making local public safety issues more visible and easier to find out about was one of our major goals for Kahuti. We believe that everybody should have easy access to information that affects their health, safety and family without having to go digging through many different sources to find it.

We've implemented a similar system in the States that automatically consumes data from the US Environmental Protection Agency and distributes local notifications in areas that are experiencing poor air quality, delivering different alerts based on how bad the air quality is in that area.

At the moment we are working to find a high quality source of the data we need to build out a similar system in London. Ideally, we'd really like to find a single source of air quality data for the entire UK. In the meantime, we've reached out to Sadiq Khan's team to see if they have any recommendations.

We understand that most people have responsibilities and don't have the luxury of staying indoors when air quality is impacted but we believe that knowledge is power and being informed gives individuals the freedom and flexibility to decide how to best respond. Simply minimizing outdoor exertion during particularly bad days is a good policy.

Air quality audits have been announced for 50 primary schools in the most polluted areas of London. The audits will be completed by the end of 2017 and will be used to identify ways to improve air quality around the schools.

Air pollution is a growing problem across the world and while there aren't any quick or easy solutions, increased awareness is a good place to start. As with many other local public safety issues, we believe that Kahuti is in a position to help further the conversation.

We anticipate good progress in this endeavor over the next few weeks. After Kahuti is able to source the necessary air quality data we can leverage the existing system to quickly bring these alerts to our members' local news feeds. Our goal is for this system to be fully functional by the end of October.

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