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Realtime Marketing for Local Small Businesses

January 26, 2017
Sterling Jackson

Realtime marketing can enable your small business to instantly react to world events, market conditions, customer complaints or questions, inventory availability and competitors without the long lead time of traditional advertising channels.

Our formula is very simple. You choose your keywords, categories and write your content exactly as you want it to be displayed--and we show your ads to members who live within 25 miles of your business.

Your changes are reflected in realtime and there are no complicated algorithms to determine your rank. This means there is no risk when experimenting with your ads. You can try different categories, keywords and descriptions and if they don't work, simply change them back.

Here are some of the common scenarios we think Kahuti can enable your business to react faster and deliver a better experience to your customers.

Running out of stock while your ad or deal is still live.

Nothing is more frustrating than responding to an advertisement or deal only to find out that it's already sold out! This creates frustration and can spark negative social media reactions from the customers.

With Kahuti you can simply end the deal when you've exhausted your inventory. Because updates happen in realtime the deal will disappear instantly.

Optimizing the performance of different keywords, headlines and offers.

With most channels, once you launch a local advertising campaign you have to wait until it's complete or run a separate campaign to compare results and you can't correct any mistakes or make any clarifications until the next printing.

Other channels like Adwords or Sponsored Ads can burn through your advertising budget quickly and have low engagement because of poor intent matching. People are much less likely to engage with ads when they are in the mode of interacting with friends instead of thinking about buying something.

With Kahuti you can change your ads whenever you want (and as many times as you want) to test customer response and engagement to different verbiage and keywords. If they don't work, just change them back to the previous version.

Sample Ad for 'Tree Trimming' in Auburn, California.

Rapid market testing for new products and services.

You can add a product or service on Kahuti and have it exposed to customers within 25 miles of your business in a few minutes. If you're testing a new product or service in your local market, we recommend adding a deal with an attractive offer so you can evaluate customer interest.

Because you can make changes to your deals in realtime we recommend trying several variations of your offer over the course of a week or two including different headlines and content, images, pricing and discounts. This approach will enable you to quickly gather a lot of data about product fit in your local market.

Reacting quickly to unexpected local or world events.

The ability to rapidly deliver a message or offer based on current events can produce enormous opportunities for local businesses. Using Kahuti, you can instantly deploy an offer or campaign that is tailored to a particular event as soon as you hear about it and because it's highly relevant, your local audience will be much more receptive.

Getting instant visibility for your products, deals or services.

A lot of local businesses hit a wall trying to get more local exposure. With the advertising landscape dominated by Google and Facebook there aren't a lot of great, affordable options for local advertising. That's a big part of why we built Kahuti.

Kahuti's marketplace allows you to add a product, deal or service and have it visible in minutes to customers within 25 miles of your business and with pricing that we believe is acceptable for every small business.

Because our marketplace is modelled on intent marketing, potential customers who see your ads have already intentionally opened the marketplace and shown the intention to shop. This is a significant contrast to Facebook's Sponsored Ads which interrupt people while they are browsing through stories, sharing pictures or chatting with family and friends.

Respond to questions and complaints from customers.

Unlike print ads, if you run a campaign that's received negatively or customers are frequently requesting clarification, Kahuti enables you to immediately pull it or revise it.

Customer questions (and your answers) can also be featured on your company page to provide potential customers with additional insights.

Interested? Add your business to Kahuti.

Create an account and add your business to get started. We offer a free tier that you can use to try Kahuti at no risk to evaluate whether it may be useful for growing your business.

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