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Privacy, User Tracking And Your Personal Data

April 19, 2017
Sterling Jackson

There is an intrusive tendency among social media websites to track everything you do with the intention of monetizing your user data by using your data to deliver advertisements that are tailored specifically to your preferences. The disregard for privacy is astonishing.

Maybe we are old fashioned but we think that tracking everything you do and using that data to deliver ads or sell to third parties is intrusive and invasive. Our team spent a lot of time talking about our distaste for this approach before we even started building Kahuti.

We decided early on that we would never display sponsored ads and would instead build a marketplace where you can browse when you want to shop for products or services—instead of interrupting you when you aren't even thinking about shopping!

This approach eliminates the need to use your data to produce revenue. We have intentionally created a revenue model that doesn't rely on tracking and selling your data.

Okay, so how do we use your data?

We use your email address to identify your account and to send you email notifications that you've chosen to receive. We do not display your email address anywhere that other members can see it.

We use your location data to determine what to show you. The only location information that we share with other members is the 'Display Location' which is intended to be a general area rather than a specific location like an address.

Anything that you add to interests is used exclusively to create custom categories that you can use to filter your news feed to find and post to specific topics.

Your birthdate is used to show other members when your birthday is on your profile. We do not show the year that you were born and we don't use this data for any demographic targeting, profiling or advertising.

Skills & Knowledge
The information you add under skills and knowledge is visible to other members. When we implement a member directory this information is likely to be searchable so you can find someone who knows about a particular subject.

Private Messages
Your private messages are exclusively between you and the other party. However, in the case of illegal activity we may be required to provide conversations to law enforcement.

Did we miss anything?
If you'd like more information about any of our privacy and data governance policies please let us know and we'd be happy to provide more information. We do not share your data with third parties except as required for compliance with law enforcement in your jurisdiction.

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