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Our Vision For The Future Of Kahuti

March 14, 2017
Sterling Jackson

A lot of members have asked me what our plans are for the future of Kahuti and after the demise of Streetlife and the fallout over the Nextdoor acquisition I understand the concern about whether we're in this for the long term.

The short answer is that Kevin and I are completely dedicated to building Kahuti into a self sustaining business and have no interest in ever selling Kahuti. We love what we're doing for communities and small businesses. For us building Kahuti is a meaningful and incredibly rewarding endeavor.

Our goal is to eventually bring Kahuti to communities across the world because we believe our local focus uniquely positions Kahuti to help strengthen connections within their communities, ease loneliness, cultivate a sense of belonging and to provide local businesses with a stepping stone to flourish.

Kahuti is a private business and is not funded by investors. This means that we don't have shareholders who are looking for a return on their investment and Kevin and I are not looking for a quick payday but instead want to build something durable that makes people's lives better across the world.

We intentionally designed Kahuti for privacy and non-intrusiveness.

One of our early decisions was about how Kahuti would eventually make money so that it could become sustainable. We feel strongly that the modern approach of bombarding members with targeted advertisements is intrusive, disruptive and frustrating.

The problem with targeted or sponsored advertising is that it means you need to use personal data to try to deliver ads that an individual is most likely to interact with. Because we wanted to be respectful of privacy, this approach wouldn't work.

Eventually we settled on the idea of a separate marketplace featuring offers, products and services from local businesses. This way people could interact with the marketplace when they needed or wanted to shop without being interrupted by ads when they weren't in the mood.

Because of this approach, members can search or browse for exactly what they're looking for and we don't need to try to guess what someone might be interested in. This means that your data is used exclusively for how you interact with Kahuti and your community, not for advertisers or third parties.

Community involvement and feedback is essential.

In a sense, Kahuti is a digital representation of a local ecosystem and without thousands of members and businesses in each community it can't live up to its potential. This means we all play a part in making Kahuti successful and useful where we live.

Our goal as Kahuti grows is to find ways to stay in close contact with our communities and to listen to what our members are looking for and what their ideas are to make Kahuti better. It's important to us that you feel like your voice is heard.

We want you to be able to interact on your terms.

When implementing new ideas or making changes to existing ones it's important to us to think about ways that we can give our members options to interact on their terms. We know that we can't make assumptions that will apply correctly to everyone!

This is why community feedback is so important. We want to make Kahuti flexible enough to work for everyone, everywhere in the world. By sharing your thoughts with us it helps us shape the future of Kahuti and enable you to see what matters to you.

Our policy is not one of 'our way or the highway'. If we can accommodate different ways of using Kahuti then we're delighted to discuss your ideas and new ways of using Kahuti.

Our goal is not to sell Kahuti for a big payday.

We don't want to sell Kahuti.

We aren't doing this to build up a community and then cash out.

We love the idea of Kahuti and we love what we believe it can do for communities. We just have to make sure that over time Kahuti becomes financially sustainable and our members can help make this happen.

To make all of these ideas work and ensure that Kahuti remains healthy and sustainable, it's important for our members to support the local businesses in our Local Businesses, Local Products and Local Deals marketplaces.

Our business model is to connect local customers with local businesses. By interacting with local businesses through Kahuti you make advertising on Kahuti more appealing to local businesses which in turn produces revenue that keeps Kahuti healthy.

The marketplace is meant to facilitate win-win interactions between customers and businesses so we are always open to hearing suggestions for making it easier to use and more valuable.

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