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Kahuti's Local Small Business Marketplace Gives You Instant Visibility

March 6, 2017
Kevin Jackson

The Kahuti Marketplace is exclusively for small and local businesses. It's a bit like a street bazaar and bustling farmer's market rolled into one, or perhaps like having your community's own hyper-local Amazon Marketplace in your backyard.

Our vision is to revolutionize local marketing and provide small businesses with a simple, affordable platform where you can connect with people in your community who are motivated by a desire to support their communities and local businesses.

The Kahuti Marketplace is where you go to browse local businesses and shop for local products and deals. Because it's closely integrated with our local social network you can interact with potential customers who live nearby, get reviews, answer questions and get or make recommendations to build relationships and trust within your community.

To add even more value you can post alerts, activities and events or share things you've heard about that are important to your community like a recent rash of burglaries, road closures, volunteering projects and more.

Get instant local visibility for your small business—just add products.

Many small businesses struggle with local marketing and have a hard time reaching local customers online. As small business owners ourselves we've felt this pain so we want to provide small businesses an easy, affordable way to get visibility fast. We want you to be able to literally add your products and start getting sales immediately.

3 reasons Kahuti's products marketplace is ideal for local businesses...

1) We limit each business to 10 products so everybody gets seen and you're not competing with Walmart or other established chain stores.

2) Everything we show is local so members only see products from businesses near them and you don't have to compete with thousands of comparable items.

3) Because we want to make Kahuti affordable for everybody, your monthly cost to advertise products on Kahuti is less than $50.

How exactly does it work?

Kahuti's fundamental idea is pretty simple. Everything you see is based on what's happening within a few miles of your location. We've made it easy to discover all kinds of local and handcrafted products in your community without having to drive around trying to find them.

Because different communities have different population densities and some sprawl while others are more compact, Kahuti includes a distance selector so you can choose to view local businesses that are between 1 and 25 miles away.

Kahuti Marketplace is exclusively for local small businesses.

The Walmarts and other chain stores of the world often decimate local businesses, leaving them on the brink of extinction. It's hard to compete in a world where deep pockets and big marketing teams rule major advertising platforms like Google. Kahuti gives local businesses an edge or a stepping stone.

Join us in strengthening local businesses and building more connected communities.

Join Kahuti And Add Your Business

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