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Kahuti Quick Start Guide

February 23, 2017
Sterling Jackson

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Getting started with a new social network can be daunting, especially when it's just launching and many things are changing quickly! We've put together this quick start guide to help familiarize new members with the workings of Kahuti.

After you log in for the first time you will be prompted to enter a location. Because everything we show you is based on location this allows us to place you into the right area so that what you see is relevant to where you live.

Kahuti can be broken down into 4 sections: Header, Left Column, Center Column and Map Column. Mobile devices hide the Left Column inside a button labeled "Navigation".


User Menu

Both desktop and mobile versions of Kahuti have a green bar on the top of your screen that acts as your primary navigation. It includes your user image, user name and icons to open Friends, Messages and Notifications. If you click your user name you can open a menu to access Account Settings, View Profile and Log Out.

Location + Distance

Kahuti includes selectors for Location and Distance that allow you to change your location as well as increase or decrease the distance from your location that you want to see members and local businesses for. To access this menu on a mobile device you will need to click on the icon.

Left + Center Columns

Left Column

When available, the left column shows options specific to the current page.

On the News Feed this includes Search, Categories and Interests. By updating your interests you can filter stories from the news feed to match a specific interest or keyword. Interests are only shown to other members when viewing your profile if they share the same interest.

Center Column

The center column contains most of the page content. On the news feed all stories that match your location, distance and criteria will be displayed.

A: Place your mouse over the blue text to change the channel you are posting in.

B: Click the downward arrow in the upper-right area of a post or comment to view options related to that post including Edit and Delete (if you are the author).

C: The Reactions menu shows the emotional response other members have had to your post. Click React to open a menu of available reactions.

D: Clicking the Comments button will open (or close) comments for a particular story.

Map Column

The map column shows your currently selected location and a green indicator showing the area covered by your distance selection. Below the map you can see the number of Members, Classifieds and Local Businesses near you. On mobile devices the map menu is hidden until you click the icon.

Private Messaging

To send a message to another member, simply click their name and you should see the option to Send Message. While on a non-mobile device you can also access this option by putting your mouse over another member's name without clicking.

Mobile Apps

Building native mobile apps is on our to-do list but this is most likely something that will take some time to complete. In the interim you can create a shortcut to save to your home screen, allowing you to launch Kahuti in one click.

iOS/iPhone/iPad: Open Kahuti in Safari and click the icon at the bottom of your screen that looks like a small box with an upward arrow. Next, choose Add to Home Screen.

Android: Open Kahuti in Chrome and click the menu button. Next, choose Add to Home Screen.

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