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Kahuti Is Making It Easier to Connect With Local Governance And Law Enforcement

October 12, 2017

You've probably seen it before on other social media websites. By typing somebody's tag, such as @kahuti, a link will automatically be created pointing to that account and that person will receive a notification that you've mentioned them.

It's not a new concept, but Kahuti's "shared space" design is where this gets interesting. With Kahuti you don't have to connect, follow or befriend anybody to see what's happening in your news feed and interact with other local members.

Most social websites show you content from people and pages that you've followed. Kahuti shows you content that's been added by anybody to a shared local news feed so what you see in North London is completely different from what you'd see in New York City.

This means that when local governance, law enforcement or other public agencies share alerts or information you will see it without having to look them up or follow them and when other public agencies join Kahuti you'll instantly start to see their updates. All you have to do to stay in the loop is choose your location.

This makes bi-directional communication easier, because public agencies can easily share relevant information with their community and members can easily notify the appropriate agency of questions, concerns or issues in real-time by using the tagging system.


By tagging a specific public agency on Kahuti like @knoxcounty or @sbc a notification will be pushed out to that account to increase the visibility of your comment so the agency can provide relevant information or route to the appropriate department.

@localtransit: Looks like the signal lights are out at 5th and Main Street.

@localpolice: I just saw a red sedan drifting back and forth repeatedly across lanes, headed north on Acacia Avenue just past Elm Street.

@citycouncil: There are bags of trash scattered all over the park!

@citycouncil: Where is my voting location?

@animalcontrol: There is a racoon acting strangely at the power station, staggering around in midday. I think it might be rabid.

@cityplanning: What are the building code requirements?

@localschools: What is the school holiday schedule? And the libraries?

@electriccompany: The power is out on Acacia Avenue. What's going on?

Our goal with this update is to facilitate easier communication between residents and public agencies. Additional capabilities will be developed over time and we are very excited to see how Kahuti evolves as a communication platform within local communities.

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