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Kahuti Is Gaining Momentum In The UK As An Alternative to Streetlife

February 14, 2017
Sterling Jackson

Kahuti is a local social network that shares many similarities with Streetlife which was acquired by Nextdoor. At the request of ex-Streetlifers, Kahuti was opened up to members in the UK following the sale of Streetlife.

In the past few days, hundreds of ex-Streetlife members in the United Kingdom have told us of their concerns about Nextdoor's policies toward privacy and their focus on neighborhoods rather than communities. Hundreds have joined Kahuti, invited their friends and neighbors and are sending us glowing feedback.

We have communities springing up in London, Portsmouth, Slough, Nottinghamshire, Hythe and more. Many other communities are taking baby steps with just a few users and inviting their friends and family to join them and add their local businesses.

Here is what members across the UK are saying...

"How brilliant, safe and secure at last, NextDoor can now officially get well and truly deleted as far as I am concerned - this is safer. Enough said. Sending invitations to everyone I know to come and join us...........thank you!"

"Hi everyone - I have defected from the now almost defunct Streetlife (which I loved) to this which seems to reflect the same values and doesn't disrespect my privacy like a certain other US based site that we were all migrated to! I will be inviting people I know from Streetlife so hope we can get the same communications going on here! Onward and upward!"

"Well I don't know about the rest of you but I could work with this as a replacement for Streetlife. It's not perfect and has some rough edges but I can see it improving over time, the developers are very responsive, but it takes time to write and test these things so we can't expect everything fixed immediately."

"So, here we are - the disaffected from SL. I was not happy about their sudden desire to 'verify' everyone and, of course, now we know why they wanted that. ND just is not for me, so let us hope these final few days of SL gets the message across and lots of SL folk join us here. Hello everyone, I am glad to be here."

"Yet another Streetlifer! Joined ND for less than 24 hours. Really didn't like the feel of it. Gutted that Streetlife is soon to be no more. Like the feel of Kahuti and the name! Glad to be a member. Instead of Let it Go I say Let it Grow!. Happy Days Kahuti."

"Hi I am also from Streetlife this seems a better site than ND."

"I think this is going to be a great alternative to Streetlife."

In the next few weeks we will be unveiling lots of new features including groups, improved messaging, the ability to share your skills and knowledge on your public profile and a SEO strategy that should increase visibility from Google for local businesses in our directory.

We are incredibly grateful to all of the members who have given us a chance and are delighted that they are so happy with Kahuti as their new home. We are very much looking forward to working with all of our new friends to build a better platform for neighborhoods and communities. Thank you!

Not on Kahuti yet? Join today!

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