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Kahuti is About Meaningful Interactions With Your Community

February 13, 2017
Sterling Jackson

It's funny that in our hyper-connected world with Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat and so many other social channels that in a lot of ways we are less connected than ever.

Having a friend to chat with on Facebook is nice but something about interacting within your physical community, that is, where we live is a little bit different. Traditionally human beings are social creatures and banding together increased our odds of survival. Just the desire to watch out for each other where we live seem to be deeply ingrained in each of us.

It's a bit strange, actually. Our experience building Kahuti has been that people have an almost primal desire to connect and engage meaningfully with other people in their community. Not necessarily their neighborhood but the entire geographical area where we spend most of our time. Our stomping grounds, so to speak.

We keep hearing that the neighborhood as a social structure is too small to foster meaningful interactions. I think it's safe to say that there's only so much that happens in a neighborhood that's important to everybody else who lives there. But there are things happening all around us in our communities that affect us and matter to us.

People are hungry for meaningful interactions. They want more of the things that matter to them and the things that are significant to them. They want to support and build relationships with local small businesses because they are meaningful and they have interesting stories. Because it strengthens our communities and local economies.

And interestingly, an increasing number of people seem to be becoming disengaged with Facebook. Often finding themselves questioning "what am I even doing on here?"

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