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Kahuti is a Privacy Friendly Alternative to Streetlife & Nextdoor

After Streetlife, a local social network in the UK was acquired by Nextdoor, many Streetlifers felt they'd been left out in the rain with no place to go. Many felt that Nextdoor was a poor alternative because it was so different from Streetlife in so many ways.

Streetlifers felt that Nextdoor was too cavalier with personal information and didn't give members enough control over how their information was used or shared, requiring members to use their real name and display where they lived.

Many were concerned about how their personal information would be used, shared and sold to offset the cost of the acquisition and many reported being contacted repeatedly by Nextdoor even after they had requested their accounts be deleted.

Finally, many found that their coverage area within Nextdoor was dramatically smaller than what they were accustomed to on Streetlife, which focused on what was happening across your local community and not just your neighbourhood.

Enter Kahuti, with no intermingled ads, better privacy, flexible viewing areas between 1 and 25 miles and a quirky name that people seem to love or hate.

Much like Streetlife did, Kahuti aims to provide a comprehensive local community website that shows you what affects you and what's happening in your surrounding community, from thefts/burglaries to traffic issues to lost & found pets to upcoming events and more.

Kahuti does not use or share any of your personal information to deliver ads. Instead, Kahuti offers a separate marketplace where you can browse deals or connect with local businesses when you want to shop instead of constantly bombarding you with irrelevant ads.

Everything you see on Kahuti is local to your selected area, whether you want to see what's happening within 3 miles of the heart of London, 1 mile of your home address or 10 miles of SL0 9RG, you can see exactly what and where you want.

You choose what you're comfortable sharing with other members.

Nextdoor requires your real name, home address and displays your address or street on your public profile. Kahuti does not. (Whatever happened to the days when we told people to be careful about sharing personal information online?)

With Kahuti you choose what name you want to go by and what location to show to other members. We encourage members to use a general location such as North London or Croydon so other members can offer location specific advice without being too specific.

Kahuti aims to be a one-stop place for everything local.

Because we want you to be able to find anything local that you're looking for in one place we have built a comprehensive local platform with many different sections so that you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

Use Kahuti to stay in the loop about...

  • Crime & Safety
  • Traffic/Transit Issues
  • Community Issues
  • Recommendations
  • Social Meet-Ups
  • Lost & Found
  • Local Politics
  • Classifieds & Freebies
  • Local Bargains & Deals
  • Local Events
  • Local Business Directory

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