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Kahuti Approved By FEMA To Receive & Distribute Public Safety Alerts

September 19, 2017

Kahuti has received approval from FEMA to receive public safety and emergency alerts from FEMA's public alert and warning system. Our team is working to automatically consume and broadcast these alerts to local news feeds to help our members stay informed about public safety issues, know what they need to do to stay safe and how they can help.

The data feed we receive from FEMA covers a broad selection of public safety issues including severe weather, AMBER alerts, chemical spills, national emergencies and imminent threats as determined by local public safety officials. Because our goal is to deliver actionable, relevant alerts to people in affected areas we will be working through the different categories of alerts and creating rules for how they are handled within Kahuti.

This is one of the first steps toward our vision of Kahuti helping add visibility to local safety issues and over time we anticipate that Kahuti will develop the capability of pushing real-time alerts for very specific geographical areas to our members. We envision this system as supplemental to existing emergency notification systems as we can deliver more supporting information in addition to comments and insights from individuals within a community through our news feed than can be distributed by radio and SMS alerts.

As a public safety platform Kahuti also gives communities a central platform to collaborate and communicate about public safety issues like lost pets, vandalism, break-ins, burglaries, suspicious behavior and so on to collectively help watch out for each other and help keep our communities safe.

Kahuti is exploring similar capabilities in the UK although progress has been impeded by the lack of an official central repository of public safety alerts. Because we currently do not have access to an automated warning system for the UK, we rely on government agencies or other members to manually share public safety issues to their local news feeds.

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