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How Kahuti Can Help Build Stronger, Safer and More Connected Communities

August 17, 2017
Sterling Jackson

There's no avoiding it. We all have to live somewhere and where we live significantly affects our health, happiness and safety. Together, we can create communities where we all thrive and feel a sense of connection, belonging and satisfaction.

We built Kahuti with a vision. We wanted to strengthen communities, help people connect and watch out for each other, support local businesses and give more visibility to the interesting and important things happening in our communities.

Now we need your help. We simply can't make this happen alone. We've built the ecosystem but we need people in communities to step up and help find and share the interesting and important things happening in their communities. We need each member to help create an environment that is welcoming, helpful and friendly.

Kahuti is a place for everybody to come together as communities and sub-communities to create meaningful interactions, to embrace what makes us different and alike and to unite for the advancement of common goals.

So what can you do in your community?

  • Share public safety alerts you hear about that affect people in your community like accidents, lost pets, road closures, power outages and delays .
  • Share interesting events, experiences, places and things. What are the things that add flavor and personality to your community? What events have crossed your radar that someone else might like to hear about?
  • Share your knowledge and experience when somebody asks for advice or recommendations. A few helpful instructions from someone else who lives in your community can be invaluable!
  • If you own a local business, consider adding an appealing deal in Local Deals from time to time. This is win-win because it gives you exposure and helps people who need your services save money.
  • Participate in conversations with other people in your community about shared interests like gardening, cooking, wine, history or indie music. You might even make a new real-world friend who has similar interests!
  • Consider coordinating a local meet-up. Whether it's gathering together for lunch, coffee or walking, Kahuti is all about creating real-world connections and friendships. Most of us could use more social engagement within our communities.
  • Promote a local cause. There are so many ways we can help improve our communities and get involved in meaningful causes, we just need to hear about them!
  • Support local businesses. The positive influence local businesses have on communities is much broader than you'd expect but seems to be very well documented. Far too many local businesses are struggling and closing. Let's put a stop to that.

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