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How is Kahuti different from Nextdoor?

January 5, 2017
Sterling Jackson

The concept of a social network for where you live is similar but there are significant differences in how Kahuti and Nextdoor have approached it.

Nextdoor has created a sort of "Facebook for Neighborhoods" where your feed shows conversations from people who live in your neighborhood (and adjacent ones.) Local businesses and products do not seem to be well represented within Nextdoor's heavy emphasis on what's happening within neighborhoods.

Kahuti is based on distance from you (up to 25 miles away), connecting you with your surrounding area or community, not just your neighborhood. Local services, products and deals are an important part of Kahuti's ecosystem.

Core Strategy

Nextdoor shows you what's happening in your neighborhood.

Kahuti shows you what's happening around your location (up to 25 miles away).

Advertising vs Intent Marketing

Nextdoor uses interruptive advertising, mixing sponsored posts from advertisers into your feed in an approach that is similar to Facebook's sponsored content.

Kahuti uses intent marketing where deals, products and services from local small businesses are placed in their own sections that you can browse when you want to shop without interrupting you when you're browsing your community feed.

Privacy and Your Data

Nextdoor displays potentially sensitive information (your name + address or street) to other members. We did not see a way to turn this off. Sponsored ads typically use user data, preferences and interests to attempt to choose personalized ads.

Kahuti displays location information only for businesses. Everything else simply shows 'distance from you'. Because our revenue model is based on intent marketing, Kahuti does not use any of your data, preferences or interests to select ads.

Community Standards

Nextdoor neighborhoods are moderated by members who are community leaders. Many reviews suggest that this can lead to conflicts of interest or negative experiences due to overzealous, unfair or abusive moderators.

Kahuti is moderated by our team so we can have a standard code of conduct that ensures all community guidelines are consistently and fairly enforced.

Local Products, Deals and Services

There's a lot of evidence that suggests a strong correlation between the health of local small businesses and the overall quality of life, economic health, employment levels and even crime rates in communities.

At this time, Nextdoor doesn't seme to have any sort of marketplace where you can browse products, deals and services from local small businesses near you.

Kahuti has a marketplace where you can browse products, deals and services from local small businesses, almost like a hybrid of Angie's List, Groupon and a digital farmer's market.

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