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How Is Kahuti Different From Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Networks?

September 21, 2017

Social networks are all the rage these days, with digital interactions largely replacing personal interactions for many of us. This is unfortunate because while having digital friendships isn't a bad thing, it's not a complete replacement for real-world interactions.

After I moved across the country and left all of my friends behind I realized how difficult it can be for adults to create meaningful connections and make friends.

Facebook offers a window to keep in touch with friends and family but it consists of brief glimpses into their lives and isn't nearly as satisfying as sitting on Alex's couch sampling a "beers of the world" variety pack and coming up with a goofy rating system as we go.

I can't remember any purely social media interactions that have left the sort of lasting memory that I can instantly recall so fondly.

Fundamentally, Kahuti is about connecting people within the community where they live, work and play. This looks different for each person; some might only want to see local safety and community issues while others might want to arrange social gatherings.

Kahuti is a local social network, showing members what's happening within their selected area, covering topics including alerts & safety, community issues, help needed, jobs, local politics, lost and found, recommendations and social meet-ups.

Kahuti vs Facebook
Facebook is about hand picking people to follow to see what they are talking about. Kahuti brings people together in a shared local news feed to discuss what's happening in their communities and find events, deals and recommended businesses.

Facebook mixes sponsored ads into your news feed and uses your activity and personal data to personalize ads. Kahuti does neither, having created a marketplace where you can shop when you want to without being bombarded with irrelevant ads when you don't.

Kahuti vs Twitter
For the purpose of comparison, Twitter is similar to Facebook. Twitter and Facebook are both predominantly global social networks where you curate the people you follow and Kahuti is predominantly a local social network. Kahuti members can create groups to step outside of local audiences; Twitter does not have groups.

Kahuti vs Meet-Up
Kahuti is broader than Meet-Up because it's not entirely about facilitating social gatherings. Kahuti gives people in a community a shared space where they can discuss local issues, public safety, lost and found, meet-ups or shared interests together.

Kahuti vs Nextdoor
While Kahuti and Nextdoor share many similarities, Kahuti looks at what's happening across your community, up to 25 miles away from you while Nextdoor focuses on what's happening in your immediate neighborhood.

Nextdoor members are verified by address and your name, address and/or street are visible to other members. Kahuti does not require your address and you have complete control over the location information shown to other members.

Kahuti & Privacy
Because we believe you should be able to interact with advertisers on your terms, when you want to, our policies on privacy and data collection are different from most social media websites. This is largely driven by our decision not to use sponsored advertising.

We do not share user activity or personal data with advertisers. The information we provide consists of general, non-identifying information such as the number of searches for 'handyman' within 15 miles of your place of business.

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