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How Are Communities Across The UK Using Kahuti?

March 5, 2017
Sterling Jackson

Looking back, it's been a busy week of lost pets being reunited with their owners, tradespeople being recommended and connecting with new customers, meetups being orchestrated, friends from Streetlife reconnecting and lots and lots of playful banter.

In the past three weeks thousands of members have joined Kahuti looking for better ways to stay connected with their communities, get recommendations for local service people and browse products and services from local businesses near them.

Dozens of classifieds ads have been posted and items have been sold, given away or traded, ranging from baby supplies to electronics to running shoes, vintage cufflinks, computer desks and even cars! (There is no charge to post a classified ad.)

Hundreds of local businesses and tradespeople have been creating their business pages, gathering reviews and starting to connect with local customers. We've heard frequent concerns about the financial impact to local businesses with the demise of Streetlife and are doing everything we can to help local businesses rebuild their connections.

We've been inundated with suggestions and feedback from thousands of members. Listening to our community helps us make sure that the decisions we make while Kahuti evolves make the experience better for all of our members. Thank you!

What's happening in your community?

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