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Get More Exposure For Your Local Business With Kahuti

April 19, 2017
Kevin Jackson

Promoting your local business on Kahuti is different from Google, Facebook, Yelp or Groupon. To effectively promote your business on Kahuti you should forget all of the 'rules' about SEO, content marketing, building a following, pay-per-click and so on.

To use Kahuti to effectively promote your business you need a paradigm shift. The fundamental question that guided us while building Kahuti was "why does promoting my local business have to be so damn complicated, expensive and difficult?"

Traditionally, most of the online advertising channels available aren't very friendly to small businesses or consumers. With Google and Facebook, we see a race to the top, bidding more and more for visibility until small businesses are priced out of the market.

And from a consumer's perspective, the go-to strategy of bombarding them with ads targeted using their personal data without regard for their privacy is distasteful at best.

We are convinced that it doesn't have to be that way. With Kahuti, we wanted to create a platform that would allow local small businesses to focus on their business and their customers instead of content marketing, blogging and search engine optimization.

For businesses, Kahuti is all about engaging your customers and delivering the product or service they need when they're ready to shop—and on their terms.

Proximity is important. The closer your business is to a particular customer the higher on the page you'll show up. This means you aren't competing with thousands of other businesses to get seen and it eliminates the concept of 'winner takes all'.

Because distance controls the position of your ad there's not much you can do to outrank your competitors. Instead, you should focus on engagement and quality; make sure that your ad stands out and is the one that gets clicked on.

Potential customers want to know they're making a good decision. It's your job to provide the assurances they are looking for or they won't click on your ad.

Increase Engagement & Get More Customers

Your headline and description should tell a compelling story and assure viewers that your business can provide what they need. You can change your page in real-time, enabling you to test variations of your message to see what works best.

  • What makes your business unique, qualified and trustworthy?
  • Have you assured customers that you can solve their problem?
  • Be specific and precise. Customers don't respond to vague descriptions.
  • Ask your customers to leave reviews on your Kahuti page.

Customers don't want to see "we get your whole house clean". They want to know what makes you different than the competition. Give them specific reasons to choose your business: "we get the cobwebs, corners and baseboards that other cleaners forget."

Primary Category & Related Search Terms

Categories and keywords are meant to help customers find exactly what they're looking for. Your category should reflect your primary industry or niche and your keywords should represent the specific services you provide.

If your primary category is Cleaning Services then your keywords should list specific services like Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Trash Hauling. You can add up to 3 keywords with a free account and up to 10 with a premium account.

  • Your category should be your primary industry or niche.
  • Keywords should list specific services you offer.
  • Your ad shows when a customer searches for your category or keyword(s).

Get More Reviews

Reviews are important because they're a way for potential customers to see what other people have to say about doing business with you and give the impression of being an established, legitimate business.

After you've set up your business page you can choose a page ID to create a link (www.kahuti.com/my-page-id) you can use to send customers directly to your page.

Questions & Answers

The Q&A system allows potential customers to submit questions about your business that you can answer and display on your business page so that anybody else with that question can immediately see your answer.

By opening your business page you can populate the Q&A section with answers to questions that you know your customers commonly ask. This ensures that your customers don't have to wait for an important answer before they can make a decision.

  • Use Q&A to proactively answer common questions in your industry.
  • Be concise! Shorter answers are more likely to get read.
  • Respond to customer questions quickly to win their business.

Use Deals to Promote Discounts, Closeouts or Today-Only Specials

Using deals can be a great way to get some quick visibility or liquidate a product that you're taking out of rotation. Deals can be run from anywhere from 1-7 days and you can terminate the deal at any point (if you want to discontinue it or have sold all of your stock.)

Add Your Products to Local Products

If your local small business sells products then you should add your products to our Local Products marketplace. This marketplace makes it incredibly easy for locals to discover products that are available from businesses near them.

The Local Products marketplace answers questions like...

  • "Where can I buy fresh, local heirloom tomatoes?"
  • "Am I paying a reasonable price for local honey?"
  • "What products are available from local businesses near me?"

Everything on Kahuti is Hyper-local and Real-time

Real-time marketing can enable your small business to react instantly to world events, market conditions, inventory availability, competitors and customer feedback, complaints or questions without the long lead time of traditional marketing channels.

You choose your keywords, categories and write your content exactly as you want it to be displayed—and we show your ads to members who live within 25 miles of your business. Your changes are reflected in realtime and there are no complicated algorithms to determine your rank. This means there is no risk when experimenting with your ads. You can try different categories, keywords and descriptions and if they don't work, simply change them back.

Kahuti makes discovering local products, services and deals—and interacting with local businesses easier, faster and smarter. We believe that it gives local small businesses a great alternative to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Groupon and print ads.

Not on Kahuti yet? Join today!

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