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Are You Looking For An Alternative To Nextdoor In The UK? Try Kahuti!

March 28, 2017
Sterling Jackson

Many communities were closely connected through Streetlife and after it was acquired by Nextdoor have found themselves without anywhere to go. Many communities have scattered or reluctantly moved to Nextdoor but some feel that the magic is gone.

Reception to the acquisition has been mixed. Many members have reported feeling that Nextdoor isn't for them because of privacy concerns, coverage areas that are too small, community leads who are unfair, unfriendly or heavy handed or inactivity within their Nextdoor communities.

In the past month, thousands of members in the UK have joined Kahuti looking for a better way to stay connected with their community, reunite lost pets, get recommendations and browse products and services from local businesses near them.

While it's still very early in our UK launch and there are many ways for Kahuti to improve, the feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive.

What are some of the differences between Kahuti and Nextdoor?

1. Kahuti does not require you to use your full name and we do not display your address or street to other members. You get to choose what information you want to share.

2. Kahuti uses a flexible location and distance selection system that lets you choose the area you want to see and enables you to quickly jump to other areas you're interested in.

3. Kahuti does not have community leads. All members are on equal standing and our team handles moderation to prevent abuse or conflicts of interest.

4. Kahuti does not show ads on your news feed. Instead, we've set up a separate marketplace for local businesses, deals and products so you can shop when you're in the mood.

5. Kahuti isn't just about your neighbourhood but your whole community, where you live, work and play. Our goal is to help you discover more of what is meaningful to you.

What are Nextdoor and Streetlife members saying?

"Early days yet, but, after the abysmal offer of Nextdoor trying to replace Streetlife, this looks as though it could be a useful community site. Keep up the good work and lets hope that all ex Streetlifers catch on quickly."

"It takes the community to make this work - Streetlife was a well established forum which I used daily - lets do the same with Kahuti. Thanks Kahuti for stepping into the gap."

"I can expand my radius from 1 mile to 25 which is a bonus as I can gather information, seek advice or just chat across a broader range of people. I feel more secure with this site, I dictate what I want to display and my location is not shown on a map."

"All us Streetlifers were dropped into a deep hole when they pulled the plug. After a disappointing look at Nextdoor, we were really relieved to have found Kahuti. We are beginning to see the birth of a fantastic social media site which is more or less being custom made for us. It’s good to be on the ground floor of something which is going to prove very popular and eventually exceed the offerings of Streetlife."

Kahuti is about your entire community.

We believe that focusing on your entire community is important because there are only so many interesting things happening in most neighborhoods! By focusing on your community as a social structure there are more opportunities to discover things that matter to you.

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