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Kahuti is a local social network for discovering what's happening in your neighborhood and surrounding community. We believe that by starting small and coming together to make our communities better we can make a difference on a broad scale to make the world a little better.

Kahuti was founded in 2016 by Kevin and Sterling Jackson and is privately funded. Our vision is to help people in communities across the world connect in meaningful ways with other people where they live, to discover more of what matters to them in their communities and give local small businesses a way to get seen by more local customers.

Kahuti is available globally and uses latitude and longitude to show alerts, conversations, deals, services and products near you. We look forward to working with communities across the world to build a platform that is valuable for everyone.

So, why 'Kahuti'?

The name was a playful twist on the phrase "in cahoots" and everybody who we shared it with had such a positive reaction to the name that it quickly beat out all of our other considerations. The most common sentiments people shared were that it's short, catchy and fun to say.

Our Guiding Principles

1. We recognize that privacy is important to our users and therefore will never display your location, phone number, email address or any other sensitive information to other members. We believe that you should get to decide what you share and who you interact with.

2. We will never use sponsored or interruptive advertising as a revenue model. This means that you will never see ads when you use Kahuti. Instead, we've built a marketplace where local businesses can be featured with free and paid options so that you can browse deals, products and services from local businesses when you want to shop.

3. Freedom of speech is important to us. Our stance on moderation is that if content is not illegal, abusive or harmful then we are perfectly happy to host the discussion without intervention or censorship while still adhering to all appropriate laws in your region.

4. We will not share your data with advertisers or third parties. Because we've designed our marketplace using the concept of intent marketing instead of attempting to deliver personalized advertising there is no reason for us to collect, aggregate or share/sell your data (including but not limited to usage, activity or personal information.)

Why Privately Funded?

By self-funding Kahuti we don't have any debt, shareholders or investors and we aren't beholden to any other entities or their interests. It also requires us to have a viable business strategy in place from the beginning which we believe is crucial for the long-term stability, growth and success of the platform.

Revenue Model

Kahuti produces revenue through paid advertisements in the Local Businesses and Local Deals sections of the website. One of our goals is to prove that a non-intrusive intent marketing model is viable and superior to the sponsored advertising that is traditionally used in digital channels and social networks.

The underlying premise of Kahuti's Marketplace is to connect local customers with relevant local businesses when customers are ready to buy—and to leave them alone and not bombard them with ads when they haven't demonstrated their intention to shop.

At Kahuti, our goal is not to be acquired by another company but instead to build a self-sustaining revenue model around our local business marketplace that will fuel Kahuti's future ventures and ultimately enable us to set aside a part of our proceeds to invest back into communities and local businesses.

Local businesses can create a business page on Kahuti and receive a limited number of Service Requests for free. Additional Service Requests, Deals and Featured Ads are all paid advertising options. We will never display ads in the local news feed.

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