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Stay in the loop about what's happening in your local community including events, crime & safety, community issues, recommendations, social meet ups and deals/discounts within 25 miles.
Road closed until tonight at Acacia Road. Take alternate routes!
Can anybody recommend a reliable plumber?
Police incident at Oak Street, stay clear!
There's been a spate of break-ins this week.
Missing cat in Rose Park area.
Walking group meeting Wednesday, all welcome.
Power cuts expected across town today and tomorrow.
Bank fraud alert.

What's happening in your community affects you and your family.

What's happening in your community affects you and your family.

Nobody wants to find out that a band of tech-savvy thieves have been stealing cars and disabling their tracking devices—after their car disappears! Or get caught up in grid-lock because they didn't know about a road closure. Or lose a pet because someone has been poisoning cats and dogs. Or find out that someone noticed somebody acting suspiciously after somebody gets mugged, hurt or abducted.

Connect with people in your community with shared interests.

Humans are social creatures and despite our digital connections, we are more lonely than ever.

We are starving for meaningful, real-world connections with each other. Kahuti is different because everybody you interact with lives nearby and our focus is community safety, community growth and bringing people together within communities digitally and face-to-face—whether you want to find someone to play tennis with—or you want to exchange tips about gardening—or you need to borrow a hedge trimmer.
“We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community.”
- Dorothy Day

When we say “your privacy matters” we mean it.

We never share your address, email or other private information and we don't track everything you say and do.

We don't bombard you with ads.

Instead, we've created a unique marketplace of local businesses, products and deals so you can #shoplocal when you're in the mood.

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